3 semi-permanent tattoo pens 3.0 ml for 2-week tattoos

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EXCLUSIVE: Absolute world novelty

Goes UNDER the skin (1-2 layers of skin)

Completely pain free

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EU cosmetics certified

Shelf life up to 1 year once opened

Content reaches up to 500 meters

Discover our world novelty: The semi-permanent tattoo pen does exactly what you have been missing with semi-permanent tattoos! With the tattoo pen from FOREVER NEVER you can now let your creativity run free! You decide which designs you want to create on your skin. Before you start, you must clean and dry the areas of skin on which you want to use our tattoo pen. Make sure that your skin is free of oil and grease, so you can achieve the perfect result.

Now it can almost start. To get an even result when applying the semi-permanent color pigments, shake the tattoo pen for a few seconds. In addition, you should bring gloves and paper towels with you, this will give you the "real" tattoo feeling or the often well-known pain. With our tattoo pen you can develop freely without making the wrong decisions, as is sometimes the case with real tattoos that can only be removed with laser therapy.

Now grab your gloves to avoid paint stains and you're good to go. When applying, make sure that you only turn the rotating element at the end of the pen step by step, so you can see how quickly and how much tattoo pigment penetrates into the integrated brush at the front. Feel your way step by step and get a feel for how the tattoo pen lies in your hand. Our tattoo pen is suitable for left and right handed people.

If you have "screwed" a little too much on the rotary element, wipe off excess paint on a small container, so you always work cleanly and can concentrate on your design. Using our tattoo pen is as easy as 1, 2, 3. As soon as you have drawn a few lines with the tattoo pen, you will already notice how hard you should "screw" the rotary element so that the perfect amount of tattoo pigments "flows". The harder you press, the more color and thicker lines will appear.

You want to correct your painted design? Then you should be quick. You only have a few seconds before the tattoo pigments have penetrated the first layer of skin. You can easily correct it with a damp Q-tip (ear stick). When you are finished with your tattoo, it often takes about 1-2 hours for the tattoo pigments to dry on your skin - the thicker the lines, the longer the drying time.

After approx. 8 hours you can carefully wash off the excess and already dried tattoo pigments with clear water, the motif you have applied will already be slightly visible. Depending on your skin type, it can take up to 24 hours for your motif to become fully visible. Please do not rub it impatiently or wash excessively, so the tattoo pigments can fully develop in the 1-2 skin layer.

You are not completely satisfied with the result? Repeat the application with our tattoo pen and let your creativity run free. The more tattoo pigments you apply, the longer it takes for the tattoo to fully develop, but the final result is also the most intense afterwards. Once opened, your tattoo pen can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 1 year.

Semi-permanent tattoo marker: water, ethanol, propylene glycol, gardenia extract (Genipine: vegetable), polyethylene, alcohol, disodium, hydroxymethyl, cellulose, black color pigments (carbon black, surfactant, water), colour: black, net filling quantity: 3.0 milliliters. Vegan.

3 Semi-permanente Tattoostifte 3,0 ml für 2-Wochen-Tattoos - FOREVER NEVER
3 Semi-permanente Tattoostifte 3,0 ml für 2-Wochen-Tattoos - FOREVER NEVER
3 Semi-permanente Tattoostifte 3,0 ml für 2-Wochen-Tattoos - FOREVER NEVER

(Almost) like a real tattoo: It gets under your skin 😍

Frequently asked questions about the tattoo pen

How does the semi-permanent tattoo pen work?

The tattoo pen reacts with the organic components of your skin in the upper skin layer. Depending on the skin type, the color changes from gray to dark blue to black.

With OUR WORLD FIRST, the color penetrates into the first layers of the skin, so you don't "paint" on the skin but UNDER the skin! Completely pain free.

How long does my motif that I applied with the tattoo pen last?

Your tattoo develops in the first layer of skin, which regenerates every 2-3 weeks (this depends on the skin type). As soon as the first layer of skin is renewed, the tattoo disappears. You can "trace" it at any time and thus retain, change or expand your design, you decide.

Is the semi-permanent tattoo pen suitable for all skin types?

Yes, and we look forward to a variety of great people using our tattoo pen. It doesn't matter whether you have dry, oily or combination skin as your skin type: Our tattoo pen works for you too! The only difference is that the darker the pigments of the skin, the darker the applied tattoo will turn out to be.

Do I have to use the tattoo pen immediately?

No, you can keep it open or closed in the fridge for up to 1 year. Always shake well before use.

Can I use the tattoo pen more than once?

Yes, the tattoo pen lasts up to 1 year when opened. You can use it as often as you want. The tattoo pen is vegan & animal testing-free and EU cosmetics certified.

Can the tattoo pen damage my skin?

No, our tattoo pen is EU cosmetics tested and free of toxins and harmful substances!

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