1001 night

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Lasts up to 2 weeks (1-2 layers of skin)

EU cosmetics certified & laboratory tested

Waterproof (tattoo gets under the skin)

Vegan & cruelty free

• Auf Lager - in 2-3 Tagen bei dir zu Hause

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1001 Nights embodies stories and tales from the Orient.


Latest trend - a tattoo for 2 weeks, which also looks real!

You want a tattoo but don't want to commit yourself, then you've come to the right place. Our tattoos are not cheap stickers, they are semi-permanent tattoos that develop on the skin. They look confusingly similar to permanent tattoos and completely without a needle. Plus, they're waterproof and last up to 2 weeks - body art with no pain, regret, or commitment!

Treat yourself to tattoos you like and change them according to your lifestyle, mood and season - without hesitation! Our products are EU cosmetics tested.


  • Clean and dry skin
  • Pull off the protective film and use the unprinted Apply surface to skin
  • Place a wet cloth on the tattoo
  • Press lightly on the tattoo for 40 - 60 seconds
  • Avoid rubbing the area for 1 hour
  • Tattoo develops within 24-48 hours
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EU & Schweiz

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International (außerhalb EU)

  • 5-10 Werktage
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Einfache Retoure innerhalb von 2 Wochen. E-Mail an: support@forever-never.com

Touch up/further design with a tattoo pen

100% ecological formula (chemical-free)

100% pain free 😘 (for all skin types)

100% ökologische Rezeptur (chemiefrei)

1001 night
1001 Nacht - Forever Never
1001 night
1001 Nacht - Forever Never

Brand new designs

FOREVER NEVER: Our innovative tattoo technology

Our semi-permanent tattoos are not only vegan & cruelty free , but also 100% chemical free ! With our innovative tattoo ink, tattoos on adhesive foil develop even better. Our world novelty: tattoo pen , complements our tattoos and gives you endless design possibilities.

Pro tip: Freshen up your tattoos as often as you want with our tattoo pen (our tattoo pen also goes UNDER the skin 100% pain-free ).

Discover all designs

WORLD FIRST: Tattoo pen

Discover tattoo pen

With the FOREVER NEVER tattoo pen you can freshen up your tattoos or design them further. Up to 500 meters of tattoo ink give you the absolute freedom to let your creativity run free.

3 easy steps

  • 1. Clean skin

    Before you start you need to clean your skin, this will help you apply the tattoo. In addition, your semi-permanent tattoo will develop even better.

    More on this
  • 2. Apply tattoo

    Remove the plastic protection and place the light area on the body part where you want to place your tattoo.

    More on this
  • 3. Waiting

    As soon as the tattoo is applied, it says: show patience and wait. A little tip: With our innovative tattoo pen you can renew or further design your tattoo at any time.

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